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Mitsui Thermal Therapy Machine III(English)

¥99,000 (税込)
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Warms, loosens, stimulates, and cleans. It is ideal for self-care at home.
The Mitsui Hyperthermia Therapy Apparatus has been manufactured as a medical device approved (warm moxibustion apparatus) since the first model. The surface of the heating plate is coated with ceramic.

The range of efficacy of Mitsui Hyperthermia Therapy Apparatus III
(1) Relieving fatigue (2) Improving blood circulation (3) Relieving muscle fatigue
(4) Relieves muscle stiffness (5) Relieves pain of neuralgia and muscular pain
(6) Stimulate the workings of the stomach and intestines

【1】Big head part
The heating surface is raised in the middle in a pyramid shape. (Utility model registration No. 3144979)
The heating surface is coated with ceramic, and the far-infrared rays radiated from it efficiently warm the body.

2】Easy temperature setting control panel
The temperature can be set in 5 levels according to the condition of the body.
The remaining time is displayed and the power automatically turns off after one hour.

3】Heat is directly directed to the body.
The heating surface can be used to warm the entire body, or it can be used like moxa to stimulate with pinpoint heat.

4】Lightweight and comfortable in the hand
The grip portion can be easily moved with one hand.
The gentle curve of the grip makes it easy to apply to the back and hips.
Use the surface and the points separately
The heating surface of the Mitsui Thermal Therapy Apparatus has a raised pyramid shape in the center. (Utility model registration No. 3144979, design registration No. 17778)
When used as a whole, the surface is warm. When used as a whole, it provides warmth on the surface, but when used to locate points, it acts like a detector, finding points of "coldness," "stiffness," or "pain" and stimulating them with heat.
Trade name Mitsui Thermal Therapy Apparatus III
Medical device certification number 22100BZX01108000
Name Onkyu apparatus
Power source AC100V (50/60Hz)
Power consumption 31W
Rated time 60 minutes
Dimensions Control section 160 (W) x 100 (D) x 40 (H) (mm), Heating element 70 (W) x 230 (D) x 30 (H) (mm)
Weight Control section 230g, Heating element 160g

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